• Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and Resolution Ceremony for Accomplishing the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission

    Oct 20 14:30~ CheongShim Peace World Center
  • Hyojeong Cultural Festival

    Oct 20 19:00~ CheongShim Peace World Center
  • Tree of All Things Prayer

    Oct 20 22:00~
    From the Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the blessing of all things of creation will be bestowed to all the blessed families like golden flakes showering from the sky. There is also a special grace of receiving a special candle during this time.

※ Registration fee

Age/Day 2 nights 3 days 1 night 2 days 1 day
October 19~21 October 19~20 or October 20~21 Participation of one day only
0~2 years 9,000 Won 5,000 Won Donation of Gratitude
3~6 years 13,000 Won 5,000 Won
elementary school 30,000 Won 20,000 Won
(middle school and over)
48,000 Won 30,000 Won

*If you arrive October 18 (Thurs) or before, there is a staying fee per day you will need to pay. (0-2 years: 4,000won, 3-6 years: 8,000won, elementary school: 10,000won, adults: 18,000won)

※‘2018 Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and Resolution Ceremony for Victory of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission’ Hosted by True Parents (Oct. 20 (Sat)) 14:30-16:30, CheongShim Peace World Center)
- Schedule: Separation of Spirits, Chanyang Session, True Parents’ Words, Hyojeong Offering Ceremony
- Hyojeong Offering Ceremony: Expunging the records and memories of past sins of blessed ancestors (ancestors until 322 gen that received the blessing). In order to receive this grace you need to register, and then write and offer at least one Hyojeong Offering Paper (Wish Paper) to Jeongshim Won Prayer hall until at 15:00, Oct. 21, 2018.
※ Hyojeong Cultural Festival (Oct 20 (Sat), 19:00-20:30: CheongShim Peace World Center)
- Please eat dinner at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center
※ Prayer at the Tree of All Things (Oct 20 (Sat), 22:00-23:00)
- Those who will participate in the Prayer at the Tree of All Things will need to buy a candle at the store (at the special booth outside) in order to inherit this grace. (2000 Won each)
※ Further inquiries
1) Telephone: English: +82-31-589-7137
2) Fax: +82-31-584-4336
3) E-mail: cpintl2013@gmail.com (International Office)
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