• Prayer-Wish Offering Ceremony for Restoration

    True Parents changed the‘Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration’to the‘Prayer-Wish Offering Ceremony for Restoration’. The Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration was a ceremony wherein the Wish Papers were placed in a chamber and burnt. This ceremony was conducted during the growth stage of the Cheongpyeong Providence, from January 19, 1995 to October 27, 2014. However, on the victorious foundation of the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Universal Seonghwa, and in alignment with the age of the Cheongpyeong Providence in which True Parents directly preside over the spirit world and physical world, we received great blessing in which our wishes were conveyed to Heaven through the Offering Ceremony for Restoration. Now the benefit comes through the ceremony of lighting the holy candles.

    Address by Intl. Pres. Sun Jin Moon

    May 5 16:00~18:00
  • 2017 Azalea Festival
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